“Surely there’s no quieter place in Australia to be found
No planes, no cars or telephones – there’s not much at all around.

To describe it as just peaceful really isn’t right
For the contrasts in its beauty is a wonder day and night.

Some may say it’s the view that makes it worth while
But it’s something you can’t quite describe- the way it makes your soul smile.

So take the time while you’re here, to stop, to think or drink
But take in every moment – it passes in a blink.

Be it sitting in the spa or enjoying a quiet ale
I’ll bet you’ll return one day, to the Eden of Valleydale”

A & M

“O’ Valleydale O’ Valleydale
If these four walls could tell a tale
We would hear stories of love and high romance
Of candlelight dinners and moonlit dance
Of love re-kindled by the burning log fire
And of lovers’ hearts racing with libidinous desire

Five wonderful nights have passed
And we must go home – alas – alas
But thanks to Rosy and to Chris
Valleydale Cottage we will sorely miss

R & M

“Can you feel the magic?
So thrilling is the sound
The energy, the wonder
The love that we have found

Our souls they are content
For it is here that we are meant to be
Together in heaven
We have found our destiny”

“Thank you both for making our honeymoon a memory we will never forget”.

P & N

“I was justified in spending the last six months dreaming about this place! I couldn’t imagine a better place to spend our honeymoon”.

J & D

“We would like to say a huge “Thank you” for making our honeymoon so memorable.
As soon as we walked through the front door to flickering candles and relaxing music, we were blown away”.

T, S & R

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to stay at Valleydale. Our expectations were certainly blown away when we arrived. As I stand here over looking the valley and into the mountains, you can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotions. I’m sure that those who are lucky enough to come to Valleydale will share the same emotions”.

A & D

“Our arrival was absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for making it so special. From the moment we walked up the front steps I felt like Valleydale was created just for us”.

J & P

“We’ve died and gone to heaven!”

L & J

“It only gets better! Our third visit to paradise and we only love Valleydale and each other more and more.

T & J